Friday, October 10, 2008

Week in review

This week seemed to go fast! I guess 'cause we kept pretty busy with school things. I am proud of us, because we did our week EVERY single day. :) I'm a slacker at times, so this is a big deal for me.

The kids really do not enjoy Grammar/English/Language Arts (whatever you wanna call it), and I just want to be sure they know something. So they don't have a lot to do this year. Just a book (maybe more later in the school year) of Word Roots and the last half of the Daily Grams Jr/Sr. So since they hate it so much, we do lots of extras each day just so they finish it early. By Wed next week, they'll be finished the Word Roots books. they did 4 pages a day. Then we'll start the Daily Grams. And these literally take less than 5 minutes per day/lesson, so they do another 4 pages of these a day. So that should be finished off by mid Nov. They are happy knowing that they'll be done then with that stuff. And for L. Arts then, we'll just be doing lots of book reading (with some study guides now and then).

And hopefully if they continue with at least 3 lessons/pages per day of the Key To math books, they'll be finished with the Percents books by the end of Nov. as well. then after the Holidays we start with MUS Pre-Algebra.

Amanda missed photography class this week, since she wasn't feeling good. But aside from that, we had no outings planned. So it was a nice calm week. :) Next week is going to be busy thought. Only 1 day we have no where to be. *sigh*

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