Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week in review (I really need to come up with better titles)

We had a good week. Lots of activities. Lots of running. Glad its over. :)

Monday was a party for a HSing friends daughter, Kate. She just turned 9, but adores Amanda and another older girl from our group, Rachel. So of course, they were invited. hehe The kids had a great time, even Jake who didn't want to go thinking no boys would be there. They had popcorn, and veggies & dip, and apples, cheese, lots of drinks, and then cake. The girls all had fun playing with beads, tattoos, and colored hair spray.

Tuesday was food co-op pickup day. My mom and I rand to Target to get photos Amanda needed printed for photography class. then I ended up getting at co-op early, so was able to help unload and sort things when the truck arrived. I had only gotten 3 items, and was to get produce as well.. but that truck was late as well and had to get it later. As to the photos, if you didn't know it yet.. on Flickr, you have pictures sent to Target from your account and printed for just 20 cents per 4x6 photo! Amanda's turned out really good. So we spent Tuesday evening putting them in a little photo/scrapbook album she had gotten for her birthday.

Wednesday was photography class. But Amanda woke up feeling bad, she was complaining of a bad headache. So she didn't go. Then later in the day she told me she didn't really want to go back because she doesn't care for the guy teaching. She just gets an uncomfortable feeling about him. She's only "met" him once, but I don't want to not listen to her feelings about people. So, I need to get a post sent to our group that she'll be dropping this class. I am planning on doing something else, I guess starting our own group.

Thursday, we got to stay home finally. But had to do some cleaning as the kids had a friend coming over. He comes every Thursday before co-op. He says this is going to be the day he always comes. LOL

Friday was of course co-op day. It went well. First class, Wizardology, we did some reading. Some of the boys needed to finish their wands. They all were to write spells in Haiku form. So they were shared. Jake made a spell to cook scrambled eggs. Luke did a cleaning spell. Jayme did an attack spell that could also be used to feed yourself (along with wand movements), and Zach made a spell to transform a human into an animal. The spells were quite funny. Kitchen Chemistry we did a thinking experiment from this Blog: Think! We did the Apple one from week 4. The kids had fun. Friday night was Mom's Night Out. 8 of us mom met at Tara's home for an evening of good food and conversation. it was a nice evening. But you can tell all of us were worn out from the summer.. by 9:30 we were all yawning I think. LOL I got home a little before 10:30. At the beginning of summer, we all went to Jessica's and stayed until after 1am! So that's how much the summer has worn us all out. ;)

Saturday we took off early and went to Philly for the day. We wanted to see the Pirates exhibit before it ends on Nov. 2nd. It was ok, not as good as the Star Wars for sure. And I was bit upset because we weren't allowed to take any photos. But we had a nice time regardless. Bore going into the Pirates we walked around the Franklin a bit. My kids have been all through the place, but Amanda's friend Phoebe hadn't. So we went into the Heart area. Jake walked up to the guy doing the heart demo and asked if he could touch the brain he had out. LOL Of course he said go for it, so Jake did. Eeew! Then he was telling Jake more about the brain. I learned some things, such as different parts of your brain store different types of words. Nouns in one section, verbs in another, etc. I truly never knew that. Then he had Jake do an experiment. He put on these goggles that were a bit funky, they were kind of like swirls on the lens instead of clear. So he had Jake touch his nose, then a penny, over and over until he could do it fairly quickly without missing. Then he started moving it until he could do the same. Then while touching nose then penny, back and forth, he told him to remove the goggles. He of coursed then missed the penny. LOL It was cool how your brain would adjust to the different situation of looking through unclear glasses, then having to adjust again once you can see normally again. He had fun.

So today, we are just relaxing. Plus it's my birthday, and I don't feel like doing much at all. But of course, I say this right at supper time and everyone is going to whine about food. *sigh* But in was a good week. We finished up most of our work for the week. I'll post in a few what we have up for this week. I need to get some of the pictures from yesterday as well and upload.

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