Thursday, October 9, 2008

Phlour (flour), Philly & Photos

Phlour/Flour -- I guess when my kids were littler, I just didn't let them bake with me enough. (I will admit, I didn't bake with them often, because I am not always very patient.) But anyways, when we do bake.. I swear to dog my 15 yo turns into a damn 3 yo again. She can NOT scoop out flour without playing in it. And most times, she has to dust her face with it also. It'd be funnier if she was doing this while baking with someone else. hehe

We are planning a day trip to Philly on the 18th. I've been wanting to go see the Pirates exhibit before it ends in Nov. We basically go just for the special exhibits, which is why we are members. Saves us a bunch. Amanda is a tad upset that we aren't spending the night... but we just don't have the extra money now to do so. I do plan to stay over sometime soon hopefully because we want to visit the Adventure Aquarium in NJ as well. But for now, just a day trip. I think Amanda is inviting a friend along.

And lastly Photos... I am such a slacker when it comes to taking pictures. I always forget when we do cool projects to snap pictures. At co-op I am always so busy teaching, I never get shots of the kids doing their kitchen chemistry experiments. I don't EVER have the camera on me while out and about when something really fucking awesome happens. I need to remind myself to always keep the camera with me. *sigh* And I never get really cool, candid shots of my kids. (Same as mentioned a second ago.. never have the camera at the right times.) Oh well, what can ya do? Bitch about it then move on right. :)

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