Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013! Here's to hoping it is a good year for everyone. 2012 went by so fast, it seems. It was a pretty good year. Nothing terrible happened, we got to see and do a good bit, we didn't end up in the poorhouse before it was over. lol So year, a pretty good year.

I pretty much suck at blogging. So I won't even attempt to blog daily, or even weekly. I am going to try and do a monthly update though. I think I can handle that. I'll just set myself up a calendar reminder. hehe I am going to do my "100 Things To Do in 2013" post. (I did about half or so of my 2012 list.) I am working on that today, so hopefully will have it posted soon.

Another thing I am doing this month (at least for 21 days of it), is an organizing challenge. I found it on Pinterest the other day.  Here is her blog: Holiday Sparkle

Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekly Update

I think instead of weekly updates, I should do monthly updates, at least it seems like that is about how often I end up posting. I guess I really don't have as much to say as I originally thought. ;) But anyways, here a bit of what we've been doing -

Math: Jake is FINALLY finished his geometry. Now again, he didn't do ALL of the books in the set, just a few. If he feels later he wants more we'll either get the rest of the set or a different curriculum. But I am pretty sure he'll never, ever want more Geometry.

English/Writing: He's getting a little further into his book and finding the exercises getting a little harder. He is not enjoying "finding such & such clauses" and all that sort of stuff. hehe His writing is still horrible, and I hate trying to read anything. He insists on writing so tiny.. *sigh*

Geography: I am REALLY hoping that by the end of April we will finally be finished with this. It was started forever ago. We did great when first starting, because we were doing this as a group with some others. Then that fizzled out and, well, it just got pushed to the bottom of our pile. Here and there I've tried to get it going again, but it fizzled out every time. But no more, it needs to be finished. So he is almost halfway through it. So if we keep at this pace, then it should be finished by the end of April if not sooner.

History: We've been jumping all over the place here. I was going to start with Ancient History using Susan Wise Bauer's The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome. But instead I think we are going to do a US study first using America The Story of Us book & DVD first.That won't take us long. Basically I'll have them (Amanda is doing this as well) read a Chapter sometime M-Th and on Fri we'll watch the DVD chapter and do any lessons from the Teacher's Guide. I think there are like 9 Chapters or so in the book. If they end up reading the chapter early enough in the week, we can go ahead and do 2 per week instead.

Science: We are changing this, yet again. Not sure what I am going to pull of the shelf, but something Biology. And I think we'll do Chemistry at the same time, using The Joy of Chemistry: The Amazing Science of Familiar Things

Amanda's been really into artsy stuff lately; working in her sketchbook, crafts of one sort or another, etc. We've made pom-flowers:

Notebook paper t-shirt:

Crayon art:

And we had a failed attempt at an altered t-shirt, which then become a cleaning rag. LOL So no picture of that one. ;) Oh, and I finally finished my tiles I made the beginning of Feb.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

I have decided I NEED to get back into menu planning. I only do a week at a time, on Sunday morning when I am looking through the sale paper and making my grocery list. But just doing a weekly plan saves me SO much time trying to figure out what I want. lol

So here is the menu for this week:

Monday - Crispy Cheddar Chicken (This is in the oven as I type!) with Slow Cooker Scalloped Potatoes and green beans

Tuesday - Taco Stuffed Shells and corn

Wednesday - Lazy Lasagna with garlic bread and a veggie

Thursday -Wild Rice and Chicken Soup with cheddar garlic biscuits

Friday - Pizza or leftovers

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