Friday, January 27, 2012

Week in review

We are trying to get into a better routine here. Well, at least I am still *hoping* we can get into a better routine. I am being met with much resistance though from the boy. But this week we've gotten a fair amount of work done. No where near what I had hoped for, but...

Jake's doing pretty decent at getting caught up on his math. He in finally on book 3 of the Key to Geometry. He HATES Geometry. He HATES using the compass. But I wanted him to do a little bit of the work, which is why I didn't order ALL of the Geometry books and just the first 3. If the time comes and he needs or wants (HAHA) more, we can get the rest or find something else. He has no problem with the Algebra, so I shortened his work on that. Basically he just has to do half of the problems on each page. As long as he isn't struggling, we'll continue this way for now. He does make careless mistakes, but when I say "hey fix this answer" he knows exactly what he did wrong as soon as he double checks it.

He is WAY behind on Grammar and his writing. So I need to get him moving there. I know he hates the grammar as well (must be something with G's.. grammar, geometry and geography, he hates 'em all) but seriously it takes 5-10 minutes for each day.

We still haven't started our chemistry. That's my fault though. I still need a few supplies and I've been dragging my feet on getting things in order. We WILL get started on it in Feb. though, I swear! I had expected to do some simple & fun biology work this month. I ordered one of Janice VanCleave's biology books from Paperback swap earlier this month. It, of course, has not shown up yet. I have 1 more day before I can, hopefully, cancel it and order from someone else. I just wanted it to do some simple, quick experiments.

Friday Freebies

I think I'll do a weekly post of things I find around the web. I've been wasting way too much time on Pinterest lately and finding all kinds of really cool stuff. The age range will vary and I am too lazy to organize these in any way, but I'll try to mention a general age range.

Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School I haven't looked around this site much yet, but it seems there are links for most grades.

Life Hacker U Free, online university level courses.

Periodic Table Printables of the elements in words or pictures.

Human Body coloring pages From Crayola.

Biology coloring pages Printable pages.

Biographies and activities On a site called Teachers pay Teachers. This is a free download, you just have to make an account.

Famous Musicians Pages For notebooking.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lapbooking Resources

I love Pinterest. I swore I would not get sucked into something else, since Facebook is such a time hog. But I said what the hell and joined anyways. I am not on there a ton, but do find some really awesome stuff.

Recently, a lot of lapbooking pins have been popping up. We've never done much along the lapbooking lines, but I wanted to share these resources anyways. So here ya go!

Lewis and Clark- -

Vikings -

Renaissance 1400-1600 -

Westward Ho! -

Ancient Civilizations -

American Revolution 1775-1783 -

War Between the States 1861-1865 -


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

100 Things to do in 2012

This took me a little longer to compile than I thought it would! But it is done, and now I can concentrate on doing as many as possible. :)
1. Blog more
2. Geocache more
3. Use the crock pot more often
4. Walk more often
5. Knit & craft more often
6. Go on more field trips/day trips
7. Organize craft stuff
8. Organize kitchen cabinets
9. Learn to bake bread
10. Garden (it was a small garden, just some zucchini, but it was still a garden)
11. Read more (by visiting my book shelves more often)
12. Visit NYC (completed on 4/25/12)
13. Play on the big piano in FAO Schwarz (completed on 4/25/12, well technically my daughter did for me)
14. Get together with friends on a regular basis
15. Do the local walking tours (from newspaper a year or 2 ago)
16. Walking tour of Philly
17. Visit DC (preferably near apple blossom time) (6/16/12)
18. Go to a stargazing event at Antietam
19. Visit the planetarium at least once
20. Go to the Baltimore Aquarium
21. Rewatch Lost :)
22. Knit Jake's Slytherin scarf
23. Facebook less
24. Do more science-y things
25. Go to the beach (9/13-9/16/12)
26. Eat more local foods
27. Visit more local places (shops, restaurants, historical places, etc)
28. Make my recycled newspaper tree
29. Help Amanda with her craft list
30. Update home d├ęcor
31. Buy better sneakers that don't make my feet ache
32. Use my cookbooks more often
33. Use our fire pit
34. Do some non-vandalizing street art, such as
35. Have a harry Potter party
36. Lose weight (boring I know.. But whatever)
37. Go to a comedy club/show
38. See a play (completed 3/10/12)

39. Visit the Hager House
40. Go to the farmer's market more
41. Make a new friend (Made a few new friends YAY!)
42. Take a carriage ride
43. Go to a drive-in theater
44. Send a message in a bottle
45. Release a helium-filled balloon with a message in it
46. Visit the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore
47. Go to Brookside Gardens in the Spring or Summer
48. Visit the DC Zoo
49. Go yardsaling
50. Organize photos
51. Hike up to Cunningham Falls
52. Picnic at more MD State Parks
53. Hike on the AT
54. See all the Bridges of Washington County
55. Make a late night run to Krumpe's Donuts
56. Host a Murder Mystery Party
57. Visit a winery
58. Go to maple Syrup making demo at Cunningham Falls
59. Eat Fastnachts
60. Go tubing
61. Play croquet
62. Pick strawberries
63. Watch fireworks
64. Play disc golf
65. Go on a ghost tour (no matter how lame it may be lol)
66. Find a better pizza dough recipe (technically the same recipe, just bought fresh yeast lol)
67. Watch a Quidditch game
68. Learn to cook some Greek foods
69. Visit College Park Aviation Museum (use CertifiKid coupon)
70. Visit State Museum of Pennsylvania (Use Groupon coupon)
71. Take more pictures
72. Organize recipe binders
73. Have a yard sale
74. Buy a new couch
75. Celebrate Christmas in July (just for something different)
76. Wordless Wednesday (on my blog)
77. Menu plan every week
78. Some sort of community service/volunteer work (hopefully not court-ordered hehe)
79. Play a game of pinball at the arcade
80. Go to the Great Frederick Fair this year
81. Eat something deep-fried at above mentioned fair (Not from the fair, but we had deep fried Oreos at teh beach)
82. Have a water balloon fight
83. See a movie in 3D (just to confirm that I do in fact hate 3D movies)
84. Buy a new board game
85. Go to a concert
86. Make candy
87. Go putt-putting
88. Get my passport
89. Watch all of John Hughes movies
90. Go on a scavenger hunt
91. Have a swap party
92. Eat at an Indian restaurant
93. Have dessert for supper
94. Grill pizza
95. Visit the Goddard Space center
96. Go to Dinosaur Land
97. Visit the Poe Museum and Poe's gravesite
98. Go on a train ride
99. Visit the MD Theater
100. Visit the Rural Heritage Museum
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