Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lost Labels

I saw this site mentioned on another blog and just HAD to share. I think I'm going to have to print some of these up. Lost Labels

Lost. Truly.

Ok, so we did get some answers last night. Such as:

We know why Richard Alpert was at the hospital where Locke was born. And again why he visited young Locke at his foster home. Locke told him when he was born.

We found out Widmore's connection to the island - he was an Other!

We found out there's apparently always been "others" on the island. But not why.

More questions though:

Is the white haired lady Daniel's mom? Since it appeared that she was in LA with Ben. Is Ellie, the blonde "other" the same person, Daniel's mom? Was Daniel born on the island? Did his mom and Widmore have some sort of falling out while on the island and that is why Widmore left (or was kicked off)? How old is Daniel? Is he another Richard Alpert in that he never ages. The guy Desmond talked to in the Psychics dept. I am curious about. Who is he and what is he doing? He's obviously keeping Faraday's stuff. And how long has it been since Faraday's been there? I can't imagine too long, otherwise they would have tossed his stuff right? And, since Daniel seems to be what they storyline is revolving around lately... is Widmore Daniel's father? Why else would he have funded his research for so long, and paid for the medical care for the girl Daniel messed up.

What is making Charlotte sick? Is it the same thing that Desmond and the boat guy went through? It doesn't seem like it because she's not acting the way they did with jumping from time to time and not knowing anyone.

It seems that anything Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, Sawyer Locke or Juliet are holding onto, they "travel" with in the time flashes. Miles and Charlotte were tied up, and when the white light came, everything disappeared, but they were still tied up. Daniel's kept his bag the entire time. So I am wondering if they held onto Richard or another "other" would they time travel as well?

I don't think Widmore will do anything to Desmond now that he is with Penny again. I think he believes they are safe as long as they are hiding from him. Because then they'll also be hidden from Ben. Which is why he didn't want Desmond looking for Daniel's mom, she's with Ben.

Ugh.. Why does Lost have to be a weekly drama! LOL We can only hope next week will reveal a little more and not leave us with a ton more questions. And I missed seeing the Oceanic 6 this week. It doesn't seem right not getting at least of glimpse of them.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Plans for the week

We have some assignments to do this week for our book club and co-op. So with our regular work, we'll be keeping quite busy.

I am going to just list by subject. I'm not doing so well with the daily schedules. if something comes up, then we get behind and I feel like a slacker. *sigh* So anyways, here's what will be keeping us busy this:

Math - Both kids have their books and what pages need done by Friday. They've been slacking a bit on this, so this is the week they need to get caught up. By Friday, they'll be finished book 2.

History - We have some more worksheets to finish up for the explorers/Lewis & Clark. Then we'll be starting in with the Pioneers.

Reading - We have the first 11 chapters of The Lighting Thief to read. Plus work in their reading journals for that.

Science - I want to get at least 5 lessons completed by Friday.

The kids both have a research paper on Orca's for our co-op's Wizardology class. So they need to get their data sheets filled out and prepare to get those typed up.

Things I have to do: Get Pioneer pages printed up; Read over the instructions for the Trail Guide to the US manual and get a date schedule for our Geo-Club meeting; Read over the instructions for the Journey North Mystery Class project.

Tuesday both kids have dental check-ups. And then that evening is Game night at the local game store. So we'll be heading there in the evening to meet with some friends. I'm making a big pan of brownies to take along. Mmmm

Friday, January 23, 2009

Blogging Interview

My Friend Marianna was "interviewed" by her friend, so I want to join in as well. :)

1. Why did you become a blogger? What is it that you like about it? I basically started blogging to tell anyone that wanted to read, about our homeschooling days. Sometimes I post HSing stuff, sometimes just my rambling thoughts. I like blogging because I can say what I want. I don't have to worry about offending anyone, because it is MY blog and if they don't like it, they can close the page. :) Plus it gives me something to look back on later to see what my plans were, etc.

2. Remember a time when you said to yourself "this is too good to be true"? If yes care to share this moment with us? Yep, when my kids were born. It seemed to take awhile before it sunk in that those little people were mine. Now I am reminded a million times a day when I hear one of them yelling "MOM!" LOL

3. Greek people back in the day (like my 75 year old granny) believed in dreams and their symbolic nature (if you see sweets in a dream is a bad thing but if you see eating it, is worse :-) Of course now we do not actually believe in this kind of things but still we talk about our dreams (as most people do). Do you have a dream that you saw and remember vividly? Do you believe it meant something? Can't recall any offhand. But I know there have been times where I would dream something and could have sworn it was real. After asking several people (that were apparently in the dream) about it, they had no clue what I was talking about. hehe

4. If someone were to come to you and say "I can show you a glimpse of your future. For one minute you will be able to see what will happen to you in the future"...would you do it? Would you look and why? No I wouldn't want to look ahead. If I saw something bad, then my time would be filled with dread waiting for it to happen. If something is going to happen, there's nothing I can do about it, and don't want to spend my time worrying over it.

5. Is there anything that you wish you could have done differently with your life so far? If yes, would you change it if you were given the choice? Probably would be to have done better in school. Maybe go to college, not sure about that. I would not want to go back to high school, no way no how! lol

Now here are the rules of the interview-game. I will post them and should anyone wishes to participate and continue would be great!

1. Send me an e-mail or comment saying "interview me"

2. Then 5 questions will be e-mailed to you (questions I choose to ask you :-)

3. Answer them on your blog

4. Do not forget to re-post the rules along with your answers and offer to interview anyone else who e-mails you or comments that they wish to be interviewed!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dot Dot Dot

Ok, so I didn't feel like coming up with a title. :D

We've been keeping busy with Math and reading the past few weeks. Finished up George's Secret Key to the Universe, had out last book club meeting for that. We are now beginning the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series with The Lightning Thief. All of the kids seem to be really into it.

We've had 2 back-to-back Earth Scouts meetings as well. Last week was our badge ceremony. And we discussed a bit about the next principle we'll be doing, Peace and Non-violence. So the kids acted out some situations where they had to come up with a peaceful solution. This had them quite rowdy so we moved into doing some yoga. lol

Yesterday's Earth Scout meeting they all made mini books for Peace Journals. Some of them went ahead and wrote/drew in what they do to find peace. Others will fill it out later. I am looking forward to seeing what each kid puts into their journal.

We've had our first SALT Co-op meeting of the semester. I am only teaching one class this time around, but I helped out in the younger kids science class. Then I hang out with the teens that are doing the videos. So I don't get to sit and chat with the moms very much, but at least I can leave most of the thinking and planning to others. hehe

We finished reading the Lewis and Clark book. The kids just weren't into this book. I don't think they got much at all from it. So we'll continue on with something else.

So that's about it. I am looking foward to the weekend. I'll post our schedule for next week sometime soon. :)

Lost Season Premiere

Ok I know this isn't homeschool related.. but I just felt like posting. :) I seriously need to re-watch last nights 2 new episodes. I was under the impression we'd have answers to many of our burning questions. But I think I have even more questions than answers still!

So first up - Daniel Faraday. WHY is he back in time at the Orchid station. Did he take advantage of the island hopping around, or was he actually there because of his research many, many years before? Who is his mother? I think it is the white haired lady we saw later in the episode (who was also in a Desmond episode awhile back after the hatch was destroyed). Was Daniel born on the island? How can Desmond be Daniels constant? He HAD to have been on the island before because he tells Sawyer "if it didn't happen, it can't happen". And then ends up speaking to Desmond telling him to find his mother.

Kate & Aaron - Who were these lawyer guys working for? I think it is someone Ben sent to scare Kate into wanting to go back to the island. But if you remember Kate had a dream that Clair was there and telling her to never bring the boy back. The Psychic Guy (Charlotte's dad?) was sending Clair to LA for a couple to raise. Was that couple actually Jack and Kate?

Sun - Not sure what is up with her. I would think she'd be blaming Widmore for Jin's "death" as well and Ben and her father. Is she using Widmore to find the island? Is she trying to frame him/set him up for murdering Ben? Why did she come to see Kate, especially when no one went to see her and the baby aside from Hurley?

Locke - Is he dead? I don't think he is. How did he get off the island? If Locke had to die to save the island, why didn't Richard kill him?

Ben - Does he really want to get everyone back to the island? Or does he plan to kill them all? When he arrives at the Hotel in Tunisia after just moving the island (at least I am assuming this) he sees a news report of Sayid where he is burying his wife. How long passed between when Sayid was "rescued" and when Ben found him self in the desert? It would seem almost a year.

Walt - What about him? Does he need to return? It would seem odd that since the Oceanic 6 has to, he should as well. Or was this because the island actually wanted Walt to leave?

Desmond - Why does Daniel tell him he is special? Why doesn't he need to come back to the island? Was he actually meant to crash on the island, unlike the Oceanic plane?

Hurley - is he the only sane person? Why are the dead losties trying so hard to help him? Why all of a sudden does his mom tell him she believes him, when she wouldn't believe it when he told her the numbers were cursed?

Do the Oceanic 6 need to die to get back to the island as well? How do we know they truly weren't dead already on the island, and somehow by going through some weird time warp became alive again to the "outside" world. So in order to set things right, they'd need to die *again* (or for the first time) in the outside world. Which would explain why John was dead in the outside world, but not on the island.

*sigh* too many questions, not enough answers. I can't wait until next week. LOL

Edited to add -

Miles - Is he the baby we see Dharma Doctor (whatever his name is) feeding. I think the reason Widmore hired these 3 "scientists" is because they have a history with the island. They were either born there or grew up there. Miles was not worried about going home, nor was Charlotte.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm still alive!

Can't believe I haven't posted in over 2 weeks. Sorry to all 6 of my readers. LOL I'll try to remember to get on tomorrow and post a *real* post.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to school

Wow.. that break was WAY too short. LOL I've had to look at my planner twice now to be sure it was time to get back to work. *sigh* Wonder if anyone will notice if I take January off too? hehe

Ok all kidding aside, here is what we have going on this week coming:
I am doing something new with math for the month. Sort of a trial period. I am not assigning any certain page or lesson #'s each day, but am leaving it up tot eh kids how much to do every day. But they have to have a certain # finished by Friday evening, or they'll be doing math on Saturday before anything else.

Mon Jan 5: Read Ch 4 in Lewis & Clark book (no we didn't finish this before Christmas); Lesson 4 in Science.

Tues Jan 6: Ch 5 in Lewis & Clark; Lesson 5 in Science.

Wed Jan 7: Earth Scouts & Book club meetings, all afternoon. Earth Scouts we'll be having a badge ceremony and discussing the new principle we'll be working on:
*Peace and Nonviolence*
· Respecting cultural differences, and recognizing commonalities in the
global human family
· Resolving conflict creatively and without the use of violence
· Valuing and practicing cooperation
· Developing inner peace

Our Book group will be discussing the most of the George's Secret Key to the Universe book. We decided to go ahead and finish this off since it has been since before Thanksgiving that we last met for the group. Then we'll discuss a bit about the next book, Percy Jackson. I think the kids will really enjoy these books. I am looking forward to it.

Thurs Jan 8: Ch 6 in history; Lesson 6 in science.

Fri Jan 9: Ch 7 in history; Lesson 7 in science.

They are to have 25 pages finished in Key to Decimals book 1. We'll be finished all 4 books by the end of Feb. Then I am hoping the newest version of the MUS books are out and we'll start Mar with pre-algebra.

Reading - we'll be finished with George's Secret Key to the Universe by Tues for our meeting on Wed. Then we're starting the Percy Jackson series with The Lighting Thief. We'll be doing the first 4 books (a new one is due out in May) and then having a Mythology Bee. I have the materials put out by Disney Media. They look really cool and I think the kids will have a lot of fun.
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