Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lost. Truly.

Ok, so we did get some answers last night. Such as:

We know why Richard Alpert was at the hospital where Locke was born. And again why he visited young Locke at his foster home. Locke told him when he was born.

We found out Widmore's connection to the island - he was an Other!

We found out there's apparently always been "others" on the island. But not why.

More questions though:

Is the white haired lady Daniel's mom? Since it appeared that she was in LA with Ben. Is Ellie, the blonde "other" the same person, Daniel's mom? Was Daniel born on the island? Did his mom and Widmore have some sort of falling out while on the island and that is why Widmore left (or was kicked off)? How old is Daniel? Is he another Richard Alpert in that he never ages. The guy Desmond talked to in the Psychics dept. I am curious about. Who is he and what is he doing? He's obviously keeping Faraday's stuff. And how long has it been since Faraday's been there? I can't imagine too long, otherwise they would have tossed his stuff right? And, since Daniel seems to be what they storyline is revolving around lately... is Widmore Daniel's father? Why else would he have funded his research for so long, and paid for the medical care for the girl Daniel messed up.

What is making Charlotte sick? Is it the same thing that Desmond and the boat guy went through? It doesn't seem like it because she's not acting the way they did with jumping from time to time and not knowing anyone.

It seems that anything Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, Sawyer Locke or Juliet are holding onto, they "travel" with in the time flashes. Miles and Charlotte were tied up, and when the white light came, everything disappeared, but they were still tied up. Daniel's kept his bag the entire time. So I am wondering if they held onto Richard or another "other" would they time travel as well?

I don't think Widmore will do anything to Desmond now that he is with Penny again. I think he believes they are safe as long as they are hiding from him. Because then they'll also be hidden from Ben. Which is why he didn't want Desmond looking for Daniel's mom, she's with Ben.

Ugh.. Why does Lost have to be a weekly drama! LOL We can only hope next week will reveal a little more and not leave us with a ton more questions. And I missed seeing the Oceanic 6 this week. It doesn't seem right not getting at least of glimpse of them.

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Anonymous said...

Good wrap up. I had missed the part about Locke telling Richard when he was born, so I'm glad you noticed that!

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