Monday, February 28, 2011


Not too much to report here really. Not a lot of book work going on, as usual. hehe The kids have 3 months to get their math work finished. I've made (and re-made) their schedules.. so it is up to them. I'm going to try and push them along this week, as I would rather they just get it finished sooner and not take until the end of May to do so.

Both have been reading a lot more lately. Which is good, as neither read all that much in the past few years. Jake is on a Sci/fi-ish kick, Amanda is opting for non-fiction.

Now that Spring is almost here, we have plans to visit many local places. First up is a trip to Harrisburg to see the National Civil War Museum and the State Museum of Pennsylvania. I had gotten really cheap tickets through Groupon for both. I also picked up some cheap tickets to the Aviation Museum in College Park, MD. So we'll head there one afternoon. And of course, Earth Day is right around the corner, so we plan to visit Brookside Gardens for their Festival. And of course, we can't wait to start Geocaching again.

Amanda wants to visit lots of battlefields again this Spring/Summer so she can get more pictures taken. So we'll try to hit as many as we can before the hot, humid Summer keeps us indoors.

Menu Plan Monday

Just a quickie post for my menu this week:

Monday: Sausages with onions & peppers, veggies
Tuesday: Swedish meatballs with noodles, broccoli
Wednesday: Baked haddock, mac & cheese, peas
Thursday: Ham & corn chowder
Friday: Chipotle
Saturday: Pizza
Sunday: No clue... lol
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