Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

WOW! This week's episode was fabulous. We are getting more answers every week, which is always a good thing. ;)

So this was a John Locke episode. We find out what he does after leaving the island, how he dies, and what happens once on the plane to try to get back to the island.

So after John turns the wheel, he ends up in Tunisia, the same "drop spot" that Ben ended up when he left the island. John lays in pain for awhile before someone comes and picks up, takes him to a medical station. He passes out from pain, but before he does, he sees someone watching him. A tall, skinny, black man. Matthew Abaddon. When John wakes up, Charles Widmore is beside his bed. He tells John "it's good to see you again" and of course John has no clue who he is. When Widmore tells him, he then asks John how long has it been since John actually met him. John tells him 4 days, and Widmore is amazed at that.

So Widmore goes on to tell John a few things. Widmore says HE used to lead the Others. That Ben wanted him out so he could take over and tricked Widmore into leaving. Widmore says John HAS to get back to the island because a war is coming. The next day Widmore gives John a new id (Jeremy Bentham), money, and a folder of where to find all the O6'ers. He sends John off with Abaddon.

First John goes to see Sayid. He of course wants nothing to do with the island. The he goes to see Walt. He can't bear to ask Walt to come back to the island with him. He tells Abaddon that Walt has been through enough. Walt asks about his dad, John tells his last he heard his dad was on a freighter near the island. He asks Walt why he doesn't seem surprised to see him. Walt tells John he's been having dreams about John. He says "Your on the island in a suit. You are surrounded by people. And they want to hurt you." So from there John heads to CA to see Kate. She tells him no. He sees Hurley, and I think Hurley was starting to listen, until he see Abaddon. Then Hurley freaks out and goes back inside the mental hospital.

John had asked Abaddon to find Helen, he old love. They go to see her, at the graveyard. While getting ready to leave, someone shoots and kills Abaddon. John jumps into the driver seat and speeds off. But he gets into an accident and wakes up in a hospital. Jack's hospital. So of course, Jack is sitting there watching him. He wants to know why John is there. John tries to convince Jack to go back. He goes to leave the room and Locke says "Your father says hi". Jack freaks a bit and says his dad has been dead for 3 years. John tells him he didn't look dead when he told him how to move the island. Jack storms out after telling John to stay away from him and everyone else.

So then we see John in his hotel room, preparing to hang himself. Just as he has the noose around his neck, Ben bursts in. He tells John he is special and the island needs him alive. Ben of course tells John Widmore is evil and a liar. He talks John down. Then they are talking and Ben says John should visit Sun. John says no, Jin is alive and doesn't want her to come back. At this, Ben seemed a little worried. John says he has Jin rings to give to Sun. And he also tells Ben he needs to find a woman in LA, her name is Eloise Hawking. Ben gets really pissed now. And he proceeds to strangle John to death! Yep, Ben talks John out of killing himself, only to do so for him. So Ben wipes down the room, makes it look like John did hang himself, and as he is walking out the door, says "I'll miss you John, I really will."

Now, we are in a room. Cesar the new guy on the plan with the O6ers, is searching a room. This room has a lot of paperwork, etc in. Old magazines about nuclear bombs, files of drawings on time & space. And a shotgun. A woman comes in, Ilana, and says they found a man standing in the water in a suit. No one recognizes him from the plane. We find out it is John, alive and well. The next day he is talking to Ilana, there are some boats on the beach and he asks if they are theirs. She tells him they were there, but one is missing because the pilot took off in one with a woman. (Possibly Sun?) He asks if they have the passenger list, she tells him to talk to Cesar. Then she asks him what he remembers. He says he remembers dying. Then Locke goes to Cesar and tells Cesar he is in a Dharma hatch and that they were one the island doing experiments. Cesar asks John a question. He wants to know why some of the passengers just seemed to "disappear" from the plane. He says he could probably explain but he needs to find his friends first. He asks if the ones on the beach are all of the passengers, he says yes except for the injured. So he shows John the injured. He walks up to one, Cesar asks if he recognizes him? And John says yes, we see the man and it is Ben looking more injured than he was from whatever happened on the pier.

So, we learned some interesting things this week - Ben was obviously jealous of Widmore and wanted him gone. Ben must have thought he knew things that no one else did (such as about Eloise Hawking). Ben was obviously jealous of Locke as well, because he knew things about what was happening on the island that Ben didn't (Jin being alive). We know Walt is still a part of the show. He doesn't know what happened to his dad though.

What we don't know - Who is good, who is bad? Widmore vs Linus. Or are they both bad? Maybe one is just a little less evil? Or, on the other hand.. could Ben actually be "the good guy" in all this just trying to protect the island. If this is true, what did Widmore do that was so terrible the island needs protection from him?

Why did Ben kill John? My theory is Ben knew John had to die. But John could not take his own life. He had to be killed/sacrificed. But I really don't think Ben knew John would come back to life. I think that is why Ben is so crazy, he knows a lot about the island but not everything. And that pisses him off.

What are the roles of these new "losties". I really hope not much. LOL I don't want to get involved with a new group of people. I like my original losties. :)

I think it is funny in a way that the island heals John, twice now! But it seems to only hurt Ben more. His cancer, now his injuries from the plane crash. (He was either asleep or passed out when John saw him after the crash, so we don't know how bad he is hurt.)

OK I think that is all. I'm tired and going to bed now. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lost - 316: More thoughts

Ok so I re-watched the episode tonight with the kids finally. (They aren't as "in a hurry" to watch them as I am. LOL) And I have a few more thoughts.

I was reading some blogs, and people were thinking "the man" E. Hawking keeps mentioning is Daniel Faraday, her son. I didn't think so at first, but now I am wondering if it isn't. It is possible that Daniel joined Dharma after his mother left the island (she obviously left, but I have no clue on the reason).

Locke in his coffin - I swear he smiles while Jack is changing his shoes. I asked the kids if they saw it too and they agree with me. It is just the slightest twitch of the lips, but he looks like he is smiling.

Ray, Jack's granddad. I had said before that I think he knows more than is letting on. That he KNOWS about the island. In fact, I think he is the one person that knows ALL of the island, Jacob. I really think Ray is Jacob. That's why Jack is so important to the island. That's why Christian and Claire were in the cabin, and why Christian is "speaking" on behalf of Jacob to Locke.

Jin - I didn't catch it before, but at the end of the episode when he jumps out of the Dharma van and points the gun at Jack, Kate and Hurley.. I don't think he recognizes them at all. When Hurley calls his name, he has a very puzzled look on his face. So I am thinking the one left on the island somehow joined up with the Dharma people, and completely forgot about the life before coming to the island. Brainwashed maybe?

Ok, so those are just my thoughts. Wanted to share. :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A printing we shall go

hehe I am printing like a mad-woman today. I've been slacking (nothing new there right?) with our Geography work. Our first club/group meeting is this Thursday. So I need to get my arse on the ball. So I am printing out the pages for the first 2 regions: New England States & Mid-Atlantic States. This way, next week I have no excuses and we can get started right into the next region.

So for the upcoming week, here's what we have planned.

Math - The kids will be finished with the Key to Decimals books by the end of the week. (Well *supposed* to be finished anyways.) Then we're going to move into Algebra and I think some beginning Geometry.

Reading - We didn't get to have our last book group. A lot was going on last week, many were sick. So some didn't get the book finished, us included. So we'll be finishing The Lighting Thief up this week also.

Science - I think this week we are just going to watch some Planet Earth DVDs. We also have a lot of the Food Detective shows DVR'ed that I think we'll watch. Just have an easy week science-wise.

History - The kids are bored with what we've been doing (explorers) so I think we might jump into something else. I need to sit down with them and see what they want to do.

And of course, Geography we'll be working on the New England States region for our Geo-club meeting on Thursday.

And thankfully Thursday is the only day we have anything planned out of the house! YAY!! it is supposed to be an icky week weather-wise, so I'm glad we get to stay home most of it. :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lost - 316

So I think we are finally getting somewhere, answer-wise at least not a lot answered but a few things.

This weeks episode was good! So please don't read if you haven't seen it yet and don't want to read any spoilers. :)

The episode starts off with Jack, in a suit, laying on his back, in a jungle! Is it another flashback? Did he return to the island? At first you aren't sure (there is one clue though). You hear yelling, someone calling for Help! The voice sounds familiar, then you hear someone yelling "Jack!". So you know it isn't a flashback, because no one knew his name before. Jack runs, comes to a cliff/waterfall and sees Hurley in a lagoon struggling. Jack dives off the cliff and pulls him to shallow water. He looks around, and sees Kate. They rush to her.

(As to the clue I mentioned, you can tell that it isn't a flashback as Jack's hair is longer.)

Then we jumped back 36 hours. Jack, Sun, Ben, Desmond are all with Ms hawking again. She tells a bit about what Dharma was doing. Desmond gets mad and tells her the message from Daniel, warns Jack not to listen to her and leaves, even thought Hawking told him the island is not done with him yet. She then tells Jack, Sun, and Ben to get on Ajira flight 316 to Guam. She believes this will be the flight that will take them back to the island.

Hawking takes Jack into an office and gives him a letter from Locke. It was his suicide note. She also tells Jack that in order to "recreate" Flight 815 as close as possible, that Locke is taking Christians place. So Jack needs to give Locke something of Christians. Jack rejoins Ben, Sun has left. Then Ben leaves telling Jack he has to see an old friend, some unfinished business to attend.

Jack pays a visit to Ray, his granddad. After some talking, Jack helps unpack his granddad's suitcase (he was running away from the nursing home his lives at) and finds his dad's (Christian's) shoes. So he asks for them. As Jack returns home, with the shoes, he hears someone in his place. It is Kate. She is on his bed, and very upset. He asks what's wrong and she asks him if he wants her to go back to the island with him. He says yes, but asks where Aaron is. Kate tells him if he wants to go back, he can never asks her again anything about Aaron. He agrees.

The next morning, Kate sees the shoes and makes a joke that if he is wearing those on the flight, he might want to reconsider and wear some hiking boots. He tells her when he when to Sydney for his dad, he didn't have any nice shoes. Jack didn't believe Christian was worth the trouble, so instead of buying him shoes to be buried in, he placed an old pair of his own white sneakers on him instead. Kate leaves Jack's place, tells him she'll meet him at the airport. Jack gets a call from Ben. He needs Jack to go to the butcher shop and pick up Locke and bring him to the airport. We see Ben at a phone booth on a pier, and he's been badly beaten up.

Jack goes to the butcher and puts his dad's shoes on Locke and gives him the unopened suicide note back. Then off to the airport. As Jack is talking to the person at the ticket counter, Kate walks bye. Then Sun comes up behind Jack. Next thing you know, Sayid is being led past as well. But he is with a woman. We see her flash a badge and realize Sayid is in handcuffs (taking Kate's place?).

Next we see someone reading a graphic novel/comic book in Spanish. It's Hurley! He somehow found out about the flight. An announcement is made for standby passengers to buy their tickets. Hurley gets upset and runs up saying he bought the 70-some empty seats. The attendant asks him why he would prevent the others from getting a flight. He looks around and just says "They can take the next flight". (He just doesn't want them to die in case this flight is "the one" to take them to the island again.)

So we get on the plane. There is Jack, Kate, Sun, Hurley, and yep! Sayid also. So 5 of the 6 is on the plane. Just before take-off, who comes running on board? Why Ben of course!

The 5 are nervous, after they get into the air Jack sits with Kate. You hear the pilot come on and announce his name. Well guess who?! Its none other than Frank Lapidus. So Jack asks to speak with him. The flight attendant tells Jack the found something of his. The note from Locke. So Frank comes out, and he notices one by one the others. He asks Jack "We aren't going to Guam are we?". :)

As Jack is back in his seat, and he and Ben are talking. Jack tells Ben about the letter and in a rare moment.. Ben does a generous thing. He tells Jack he'll give him his privacy to read the note. He does finally. It says "I wish you would have believed me". Then we see a flash of bright light and Jack wakes up on the island.

After rescuing Hurley and getting to Kate, we hear a vehicle and loud music playing. It's a Dharma VW van. The drivers steps out and points a gun at the 3. Guess who it is? Jin.

Ok.. so some things we have answers for: We know how they get back to is island. We know they all were at least on the flight (minus Aaron). (We don't see Sun, Sayid and Ben on the island yet, so can only wonder if they are also there.) We know that Desmond found Faraday's mom like asked and gave her the message. (Her reply was "I thought that's what I was doing?) We know that Dharma wanted the island because of the magnetic properties (or something weirdly scientific like that) and that they'd been searching for it since the 50's. We also were told by Hawking that the island is & always has been moving. (Just apparently never having time flashes before.)

What we don't know: How did Hurley find out about the flight? (He was carrying a guitar, so possibly Charlie told him?) Where did Sun, Sayid and Ben go? Why was Ben beaten up? Did he try to follow through on his promise to kill Penny? Where is Aaron? Did Kate send him to stay with Sun's daughter and mom? Did she give him away? Or did she give him to Claire's mom? Why is Sayid in handcuffs? Is this maybe because they finally caught up to him for all the assassinations? Why is Jin in a Dharma van, with a Dharma uniform on?

Some other thoughts: I think Jack's granddad, Ray, knows about the island. I think his "escape" from the nursing home was a plan to get Jack there and find the shoes. Maybe Christian "visited" him at some point and told him to get Jack there; I looked on and Claire's mom will be in an upcoming episode. So I'm thinking she has Aaron.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Amanda and Avatars

So, Amanda has a major addiction to the Xbox 360. And her ritual everyday is to modify her avatar. I think her goal is to make it the weirdest, stupidest looking thing EVER!! Anyways, just thought I'd share one of her more recent "looks". I can't even begin to label what style this would fall under.. but here ya go!

Monday, February 16, 2009

This weeks schedule

I know it seems as if this has become a blog for Lost. LOL But with everyone being sick so much lately, there hasn't been a ton to post school-wise.

So for this week we have to do the following:

Math - Get caught up through at least book 3. Amanda has a lot more to do than Jake does.

Reading - Finish reading The Lighting Thief (Book group on Wed.)

Science - we're going to skip science this week so we can focus on math mainly.

Geography - Finish up Region 1 work in Trail Guide to US Geography notebook.

Then I need to get materials gather for Earth Scouts on Wed. We make peace flags on paper, and this week we are transferring these onto material for a hanging flag. The kids will then be able to use a metal clothes hanger to display their flags on.

Jake has some work to finish up for Wizardology for Friday's co-op. Amanda has some photography homework to do.

Thursday the kids are having some of the homeschool teens over for a game day. I think they'll mainly be playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

So we have lots of things to do this week, not much time spent at home, or at least home alone. LOL

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lost - This Place is Death

Well last night episode was a little more informative than what we normally get (in my opinion anyways). Still left me with a few new questions, but hey at least we are getting some answers.

So Jin was helping the French group (with Rousseau) find the radio tower. I still don't recall Danielle and Jin together much, so not sure if she recognized him or not. We found out where the smoke monster lives, at the Temple. Still not sure why it didn't kill the french guys that went into the site where it lives (they were going after one of their guys that the monster pulled in). Danielle's hubby told her it was a security system, which Ben has said before, but then tried to kill her. So not sure what he wanted her to do that she must have obviously refused.

One of the French group, Nadine, looks very familiar but I can not place her. At first I thought she looked like Charlotte. But I know I have seen her before on this show.

Jin is finally back with Sawyer, Locke and gang. We find out that Charlotte was on the island as a child. And she tells Daniel that a crazy old man told her when she was little to leave the island and never come back. She says that man, she believes, was Daniel. She mentions her and her mom, but nothing about her dad. She was with Dharma.

Locke finds the well (Charlotte told him about it) and goes down. After another flash he is trap underneath in a tunnel, the rest of the gang up above. Christian Shepard appears and tells Locke Ben was not suppose to move the island, Locke was. He is a sacrifice. So Locke, with a broken leg from falling in the well, has to turn the wheel that Ben did. Apparently when Ben turned it, if jumped off track and I am "guessing" that's why the time jumps are happening.

We got to see some of the Six again. Sun, Sayid, Jack, Kate, and Ben are all together. Ben tells Sun Jin is alive and he can show her. Kate grabs Aaron and leaves, Sayid walks off as well. Ben, Sun, and Jack go to a church in LA to meet a woman named Hawking. As they are in the parking lot, Ben gives Sun Jin's wedding ring. And guess who shows up? Desmond. He asks what the 3 are doing there, and and Ben tells him "I guess the same reason you are". Desmond says "You're looking for Daniel Faraday's mother too?" and Ben looked terribly shocked. I don't think he knew that little bit of info.

Inside the church, I am pretty sure Desmond recognizes the lady that he was trying to buy the engagement ring from. She asks Ben why they aren't all there but says that will have to do for now. So I take that to mean, the rest will be there by the time she is ready to send them back (as we saw in previews for next week, all but Sayid).

So my questions are: Why & how did Charlotte and her mother leave? Who is her mother? What exactly happened with the smoke monster and the French guys?

And if you all can, get the TV Guide!! The past few weeks have had some really interesting ready and itty bitty spoilers in it. Walt is coming back. We're going to see more of young Ben before he was evil/deranged. People that are not Dharma or the Others make Ben into what he is now. And at least one of the following theories is true, but I have no idea which: Miles is Marvin Candle's (the Dharma guy) son; Ben is Locke's brother; Charlotte is the grown-up Annie. (I personally wouldn't doubt if ALL 3 were true!) Something about Jack's granddad. Widmore has been on the island for a long time.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lost - The Little Prince

I'm home sick today, we had co-op but I just felt miserable when I woke up. And now I am miserable with a cold. (Didn't *think* I was getting sick with a cold this morning though.)

So, anyways... This week went a little slower, but still didn't answer a lot. Here are my thoughts.

What we did find out, not in order they were revealed though:

Ben is behind the lawyers coming to Kate for blood samples from her and Aaron. Is he trying to get Aaron from her or just trying to scare her into going back to the island. I am not sure know, because why else would he tell her he is behind it. I think there is something we don't know yet about Claire and Aaron. I am wondering if the reason the plane crashed is really just to have Aaron there.

Jin is alive. I had a feeling he wasn't "dead". but how does Ben know? If Locke knew, he would have told Sun to get her to go back. But since Locke is working with Ben, maybe he did and she just didn't believe him.

Daniel also suspects that Miles has been on the island before. Which makes me think he was definitely the baby of the Dharma film guy.

Ok so for new questions and things still unanswered -

I still want to know about Walt. Do he not need to come back since the island apparently didn't want him? And what about Sun's baby. Does she have to go back as well, since she wasn't technically on the island as she wasn't born until they left?

The nosebleeds. I still do not think they have anything to do with needing a constant, such as Desmond's time traveling episode.

The French group. As soon as I saw them, I knew it was Danielle's people. And I am wondering if or what will change now that Jin is with them. I am sure he'll figure out something is going on regarding time travel. I just can't recall how much he had to do with Danielle before. But from reading the TV Guide, Jin will be learning to speak English better and interacting with the Losties more. So I am really hoping he finds Sawyer and the gang.

What does Claire's mom have to do with things now? Was she just tossed in there to throw us off? I don't think so.

Anyways, so my heading is pounding and I tired from thinking. :) I'll leave you with this: The Fine Brothers Lost parodies. :) Enjoy!!
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