Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

WOW! This week's episode was fabulous. We are getting more answers every week, which is always a good thing. ;)

So this was a John Locke episode. We find out what he does after leaving the island, how he dies, and what happens once on the plane to try to get back to the island.

So after John turns the wheel, he ends up in Tunisia, the same "drop spot" that Ben ended up when he left the island. John lays in pain for awhile before someone comes and picks up, takes him to a medical station. He passes out from pain, but before he does, he sees someone watching him. A tall, skinny, black man. Matthew Abaddon. When John wakes up, Charles Widmore is beside his bed. He tells John "it's good to see you again" and of course John has no clue who he is. When Widmore tells him, he then asks John how long has it been since John actually met him. John tells him 4 days, and Widmore is amazed at that.

So Widmore goes on to tell John a few things. Widmore says HE used to lead the Others. That Ben wanted him out so he could take over and tricked Widmore into leaving. Widmore says John HAS to get back to the island because a war is coming. The next day Widmore gives John a new id (Jeremy Bentham), money, and a folder of where to find all the O6'ers. He sends John off with Abaddon.

First John goes to see Sayid. He of course wants nothing to do with the island. The he goes to see Walt. He can't bear to ask Walt to come back to the island with him. He tells Abaddon that Walt has been through enough. Walt asks about his dad, John tells his last he heard his dad was on a freighter near the island. He asks Walt why he doesn't seem surprised to see him. Walt tells John he's been having dreams about John. He says "Your on the island in a suit. You are surrounded by people. And they want to hurt you." So from there John heads to CA to see Kate. She tells him no. He sees Hurley, and I think Hurley was starting to listen, until he see Abaddon. Then Hurley freaks out and goes back inside the mental hospital.

John had asked Abaddon to find Helen, he old love. They go to see her, at the graveyard. While getting ready to leave, someone shoots and kills Abaddon. John jumps into the driver seat and speeds off. But he gets into an accident and wakes up in a hospital. Jack's hospital. So of course, Jack is sitting there watching him. He wants to know why John is there. John tries to convince Jack to go back. He goes to leave the room and Locke says "Your father says hi". Jack freaks a bit and says his dad has been dead for 3 years. John tells him he didn't look dead when he told him how to move the island. Jack storms out after telling John to stay away from him and everyone else.

So then we see John in his hotel room, preparing to hang himself. Just as he has the noose around his neck, Ben bursts in. He tells John he is special and the island needs him alive. Ben of course tells John Widmore is evil and a liar. He talks John down. Then they are talking and Ben says John should visit Sun. John says no, Jin is alive and doesn't want her to come back. At this, Ben seemed a little worried. John says he has Jin rings to give to Sun. And he also tells Ben he needs to find a woman in LA, her name is Eloise Hawking. Ben gets really pissed now. And he proceeds to strangle John to death! Yep, Ben talks John out of killing himself, only to do so for him. So Ben wipes down the room, makes it look like John did hang himself, and as he is walking out the door, says "I'll miss you John, I really will."

Now, we are in a room. Cesar the new guy on the plan with the O6ers, is searching a room. This room has a lot of paperwork, etc in. Old magazines about nuclear bombs, files of drawings on time & space. And a shotgun. A woman comes in, Ilana, and says they found a man standing in the water in a suit. No one recognizes him from the plane. We find out it is John, alive and well. The next day he is talking to Ilana, there are some boats on the beach and he asks if they are theirs. She tells him they were there, but one is missing because the pilot took off in one with a woman. (Possibly Sun?) He asks if they have the passenger list, she tells him to talk to Cesar. Then she asks him what he remembers. He says he remembers dying. Then Locke goes to Cesar and tells Cesar he is in a Dharma hatch and that they were one the island doing experiments. Cesar asks John a question. He wants to know why some of the passengers just seemed to "disappear" from the plane. He says he could probably explain but he needs to find his friends first. He asks if the ones on the beach are all of the passengers, he says yes except for the injured. So he shows John the injured. He walks up to one, Cesar asks if he recognizes him? And John says yes, we see the man and it is Ben looking more injured than he was from whatever happened on the pier.

So, we learned some interesting things this week - Ben was obviously jealous of Widmore and wanted him gone. Ben must have thought he knew things that no one else did (such as about Eloise Hawking). Ben was obviously jealous of Locke as well, because he knew things about what was happening on the island that Ben didn't (Jin being alive). We know Walt is still a part of the show. He doesn't know what happened to his dad though.

What we don't know - Who is good, who is bad? Widmore vs Linus. Or are they both bad? Maybe one is just a little less evil? Or, on the other hand.. could Ben actually be "the good guy" in all this just trying to protect the island. If this is true, what did Widmore do that was so terrible the island needs protection from him?

Why did Ben kill John? My theory is Ben knew John had to die. But John could not take his own life. He had to be killed/sacrificed. But I really don't think Ben knew John would come back to life. I think that is why Ben is so crazy, he knows a lot about the island but not everything. And that pisses him off.

What are the roles of these new "losties". I really hope not much. LOL I don't want to get involved with a new group of people. I like my original losties. :)

I think it is funny in a way that the island heals John, twice now! But it seems to only hurt Ben more. His cancer, now his injuries from the plane crash. (He was either asleep or passed out when John saw him after the crash, so we don't know how bad he is hurt.)

OK I think that is all. I'm tired and going to bed now. :)

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