Friday, February 6, 2009

Lost - The Little Prince

I'm home sick today, we had co-op but I just felt miserable when I woke up. And now I am miserable with a cold. (Didn't *think* I was getting sick with a cold this morning though.)

So, anyways... This week went a little slower, but still didn't answer a lot. Here are my thoughts.

What we did find out, not in order they were revealed though:

Ben is behind the lawyers coming to Kate for blood samples from her and Aaron. Is he trying to get Aaron from her or just trying to scare her into going back to the island. I am not sure know, because why else would he tell her he is behind it. I think there is something we don't know yet about Claire and Aaron. I am wondering if the reason the plane crashed is really just to have Aaron there.

Jin is alive. I had a feeling he wasn't "dead". but how does Ben know? If Locke knew, he would have told Sun to get her to go back. But since Locke is working with Ben, maybe he did and she just didn't believe him.

Daniel also suspects that Miles has been on the island before. Which makes me think he was definitely the baby of the Dharma film guy.

Ok so for new questions and things still unanswered -

I still want to know about Walt. Do he not need to come back since the island apparently didn't want him? And what about Sun's baby. Does she have to go back as well, since she wasn't technically on the island as she wasn't born until they left?

The nosebleeds. I still do not think they have anything to do with needing a constant, such as Desmond's time traveling episode.

The French group. As soon as I saw them, I knew it was Danielle's people. And I am wondering if or what will change now that Jin is with them. I am sure he'll figure out something is going on regarding time travel. I just can't recall how much he had to do with Danielle before. But from reading the TV Guide, Jin will be learning to speak English better and interacting with the Losties more. So I am really hoping he finds Sawyer and the gang.

What does Claire's mom have to do with things now? Was she just tossed in there to throw us off? I don't think so.

Anyways, so my heading is pounding and I tired from thinking. :) I'll leave you with this: The Fine Brothers Lost parodies. :) Enjoy!!


Wendy Hawksley said...

I'm not sure what you're talking about at first... I thought maybe you have a really dramatic life, but I'm hoping it is just a TV show or something. lol

I hope you feel better soon!!!

Jodi said...

LOL No if my life were that crazy, I'd check myself into a padded room somewhere. I am talking about Lost the tv show. :)


Wendy Hawksley said...

Oh! Ok. When I saw the title "Lost - The Little Prince", I thought you were talking about the book or your son, or something! lol

Ok, "Lost". Yeah, ok. Phew! Well, hope each episode is even better than the next.

Marianna said...

hey Jodi,

hope you get well soon! Thank you for the Lost update...I knew Jin was alive L0L!!!

Anyways, I am sure that they will give you more as the season forwards...lucky people :-)

If you want check out the last post on my blog. I have a video about Greece I think you will enjoy :-)

Take care now
peace and love

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