Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lost - This Place is Death

Well last night episode was a little more informative than what we normally get (in my opinion anyways). Still left me with a few new questions, but hey at least we are getting some answers.

So Jin was helping the French group (with Rousseau) find the radio tower. I still don't recall Danielle and Jin together much, so not sure if she recognized him or not. We found out where the smoke monster lives, at the Temple. Still not sure why it didn't kill the french guys that went into the site where it lives (they were going after one of their guys that the monster pulled in). Danielle's hubby told her it was a security system, which Ben has said before, but then tried to kill her. So not sure what he wanted her to do that she must have obviously refused.

One of the French group, Nadine, looks very familiar but I can not place her. At first I thought she looked like Charlotte. But I know I have seen her before on this show.

Jin is finally back with Sawyer, Locke and gang. We find out that Charlotte was on the island as a child. And she tells Daniel that a crazy old man told her when she was little to leave the island and never come back. She says that man, she believes, was Daniel. She mentions her and her mom, but nothing about her dad. She was with Dharma.

Locke finds the well (Charlotte told him about it) and goes down. After another flash he is trap underneath in a tunnel, the rest of the gang up above. Christian Shepard appears and tells Locke Ben was not suppose to move the island, Locke was. He is a sacrifice. So Locke, with a broken leg from falling in the well, has to turn the wheel that Ben did. Apparently when Ben turned it, if jumped off track and I am "guessing" that's why the time jumps are happening.

We got to see some of the Six again. Sun, Sayid, Jack, Kate, and Ben are all together. Ben tells Sun Jin is alive and he can show her. Kate grabs Aaron and leaves, Sayid walks off as well. Ben, Sun, and Jack go to a church in LA to meet a woman named Hawking. As they are in the parking lot, Ben gives Sun Jin's wedding ring. And guess who shows up? Desmond. He asks what the 3 are doing there, and and Ben tells him "I guess the same reason you are". Desmond says "You're looking for Daniel Faraday's mother too?" and Ben looked terribly shocked. I don't think he knew that little bit of info.

Inside the church, I am pretty sure Desmond recognizes the lady that he was trying to buy the engagement ring from. She asks Ben why they aren't all there but says that will have to do for now. So I take that to mean, the rest will be there by the time she is ready to send them back (as we saw in previews for next week, all but Sayid).

So my questions are: Why & how did Charlotte and her mother leave? Who is her mother? What exactly happened with the smoke monster and the French guys?

And if you all can, get the TV Guide!! The past few weeks have had some really interesting ready and itty bitty spoilers in it. Walt is coming back. We're going to see more of young Ben before he was evil/deranged. People that are not Dharma or the Others make Ben into what he is now. And at least one of the following theories is true, but I have no idea which: Miles is Marvin Candle's (the Dharma guy) son; Ben is Locke's brother; Charlotte is the grown-up Annie. (I personally wouldn't doubt if ALL 3 were true!) Something about Jack's granddad. Widmore has been on the island for a long time.

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