Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lost Season Premiere

Ok I know this isn't homeschool related.. but I just felt like posting. :) I seriously need to re-watch last nights 2 new episodes. I was under the impression we'd have answers to many of our burning questions. But I think I have even more questions than answers still!

So first up - Daniel Faraday. WHY is he back in time at the Orchid station. Did he take advantage of the island hopping around, or was he actually there because of his research many, many years before? Who is his mother? I think it is the white haired lady we saw later in the episode (who was also in a Desmond episode awhile back after the hatch was destroyed). Was Daniel born on the island? How can Desmond be Daniels constant? He HAD to have been on the island before because he tells Sawyer "if it didn't happen, it can't happen". And then ends up speaking to Desmond telling him to find his mother.

Kate & Aaron - Who were these lawyer guys working for? I think it is someone Ben sent to scare Kate into wanting to go back to the island. But if you remember Kate had a dream that Clair was there and telling her to never bring the boy back. The Psychic Guy (Charlotte's dad?) was sending Clair to LA for a couple to raise. Was that couple actually Jack and Kate?

Sun - Not sure what is up with her. I would think she'd be blaming Widmore for Jin's "death" as well and Ben and her father. Is she using Widmore to find the island? Is she trying to frame him/set him up for murdering Ben? Why did she come to see Kate, especially when no one went to see her and the baby aside from Hurley?

Locke - Is he dead? I don't think he is. How did he get off the island? If Locke had to die to save the island, why didn't Richard kill him?

Ben - Does he really want to get everyone back to the island? Or does he plan to kill them all? When he arrives at the Hotel in Tunisia after just moving the island (at least I am assuming this) he sees a news report of Sayid where he is burying his wife. How long passed between when Sayid was "rescued" and when Ben found him self in the desert? It would seem almost a year.

Walt - What about him? Does he need to return? It would seem odd that since the Oceanic 6 has to, he should as well. Or was this because the island actually wanted Walt to leave?

Desmond - Why does Daniel tell him he is special? Why doesn't he need to come back to the island? Was he actually meant to crash on the island, unlike the Oceanic plane?

Hurley - is he the only sane person? Why are the dead losties trying so hard to help him? Why all of a sudden does his mom tell him she believes him, when she wouldn't believe it when he told her the numbers were cursed?

Do the Oceanic 6 need to die to get back to the island as well? How do we know they truly weren't dead already on the island, and somehow by going through some weird time warp became alive again to the "outside" world. So in order to set things right, they'd need to die *again* (or for the first time) in the outside world. Which would explain why John was dead in the outside world, but not on the island.

*sigh* too many questions, not enough answers. I can't wait until next week. LOL

Edited to add -

Miles - Is he the baby we see Dharma Doctor (whatever his name is) feeding. I think the reason Widmore hired these 3 "scientists" is because they have a history with the island. They were either born there or grew up there. Miles was not worried about going home, nor was Charlotte.

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