Sunday, October 12, 2008

Plans for the upcoming week

I like to blog about what I have planned for each week. Then when I go back at the end of the week and blog about what we did, I can compare the 2. This way I have a better idea if I am planning too much or little. So anyways..

Mon Oct 13 - 4pgs Word Roots; 3pgs Key To Percents; Afternoon birthday party; Read Explorers book.

Tues Oct 14 - 4pgs Word Roots; 3pgs Key To Percents; Start Lewis & Clark unit study (continue throughout week until first lesson is finished); Food co-op pick-up & other errands.

Wed Oct 15 - 4pgs Word Roots (book is finished); 3pgs Key To Percents; Photography class; Science reading.

Thurs Oct 16 - 4pgs Daily Grams; 3 pgs Key To Percents; Science activities.

Fri Oct 17 - All Day Co-op; MNO

Sat Oct 18 - Day trip to Philly

So we'll see how well it goes. We normally do not do much running, hehe.

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