Saturday, March 24, 2007

A schedule of sorts..

Well I decided that we needed to have a weekly "plan/schedule" of what was needed to be completed before we end our seat work for the summer. So I've been jotting down in my Homeschooling Organizer (This is the one for next year, mine runns from 8-06 thru 12-07) what I would like to have finished each day. This is not somethign I normally do, because I am just not great at schedule following. But so far, so good. Of course, this was only our first week of scheduling. LOL We did every day but Friday. And that was with running every single day of the week, including Friday (we actually went out 3 differnet times yesterday! ACK!!). I might try to talk the kids into doing some work today.. I know they'll refuse though. But maybe we can at least start our Egyptology book finally.

Thursday we went to the MD Science Center in Baltimore. We had a nice time, spent about 3.5 hours exploring the center. The Grossology tour was there, and I wasn't expecting to pay extra.. but we had to pay $26 for the 4 of us to go in. Well.. we were pretty dissapointed. There wasn't as much set up as I thought there'd be. And half of the games didn't work or weren't working very well. I had wanted to go back for the Animal Grossology tour, but I think we'll pass that one up. But all in all, the Science Center was fun. We had watched a really cool demonstratiion with Mr. Joe about liquid nitrogen. At the end he made fog and let the kids all feel how cool the fog felt. He was very careful about reminding them to NOT touch the pan he was holding. He stressed safety throughout the demonstration as well.

After we finished up at the Science Center we walked around the harbor to go eat at the Cheesecake Factory. The kids LOVE this place. We brought home 2 slices of cheesecake. YUM!! This time we tried the Godiva Chocolate and Jake picked out another chocolate, something like Chocolate Tuxedo or something.. can't recall the name. But it was yum as well.

So that was our week. It went pretty nicely, glad it is the weekend, even though it is going to be yucky. But we're going to get started Spring Cleaning!! Today we are doing the kids' clothes. Time to find out what fits and what they need new. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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