Monday, March 12, 2007

I am so bad about posting often!

I don't mean to neglect my blog, I just an VERY absentminded at times. And the past few weeks with everyone being sick, then the cats with their issues (1 being hospitalized for a week, then coming home with a cold & giving it to the other cat), and going away for a few days.. things just got away from me.

We are *trying* hard to get back on schedule. I wanted to be finished the MUS Epsilon and working on Zeta to be finished by the beginning of June.. but its not looking like that's what will happen. But I am hoping we'll be able to finish Epsilon the first week of April, then start on Zeta next and finish it up by the first week or so of June.. just a week or 2 later than I planned. I think the kids will fly through Zeta with no problems.

We'll be finishing up this week with our History (Ancient Egypt) and next week we are starting Ancient Greece. Jake is happy as he's been waiting for this study to come up. Our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book study was put on hold, so we'll be picking that up soon as well. It is just hard to get back into the rhythm.. *sigh*

Jake and I are on Book 2 of Harry Potter (Chamber of Secrets). Our plan is to read/listen to the book, then watch the movie. We are looking & listening hard for ANY clues to the final book.. but I am not picking up on anything. Supposedly there were several clues in book 1 as to what will happen in book 7. Amanda says she doesn't want to listen or watch the movies, but for the most part she does. LOL Dh thinks we are goofy for listening to the books on Cd's but that's just mainly because he can't here that well to listen along.

We are SO ready for Spring here. The past 2 days were such beautiful days, although a little windy. But anything is better than single digits. Tomorrow and Wed. are *supposed* to be in the 70's so I think we might head out and go hike on one of the nearby mountain trails. That is if DH's knee is better. Then we are to have some rain, so when the rain comes, I will start my spring cleaning indoors.. that way when it turns nice again, I can spring clean outside. :)

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