Friday, February 23, 2007

Whew! What a week...

Well last weekend we thought the cat was having trouble going to the bathroom (#2).. and on Monday when he wasn't better, actually he was doing much worse, we took him to the vet's. Turns out he actually had a urinary problem.. blockage/infection. He was to be released on Wed. but we were heading to Philly that day, so we arranged for him to be boarded until Thurs.

Well while in Philly on Wed. I get a call from the vet. He was doing fine, going on his own. We could pick him up Thurs. when we got back into town. Ok good. See you then. Well then on Thurs. just a bit before we were ready to come home, I get another call. He isn't going now. They may have to put in another cath. He needs to stay until Sat.

So this AM (Fri.) I give a call to see how he is doing. He is ok & going a little.. but the dr. was very worried about him being depressed. They wanted us to either come visit or pick him up. We picked him up. If we went to visit and then left him again, he'd have been even more depressed in my opinion.

So we got him about Noon. He's doing good, eating and drinking. Just very wobbly from the medicines. He has about a weeks worth to take plus is on special food for the next 6 months. We just have to watch him as he is leaking a bit. Right now he is curled up in a blanket sleeping on the couch. I know he is happy to be home. He's been giving a lot of kisses this afternoon.

On another note... Philly was good. Just happy to be home. The King Tut exhibit & Frankling Inst. were nice. We enjoyed everything. Didn't sleep at all in the hotel though. LOL I'll hopefully post some pictures this weekend.

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