Sunday, February 4, 2007

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

I should be cleaning and food prepping.. but had to read through the paper first. ;) Then of course remembered I wanted to post quickly on my blog.. then, then, oh all right I'll make it quick so I can get to work. Sheesh.. LOL

Anywho.. Dh's friend & his girlfriend are coming over today. I'll be making our usual: Chili, *taco* dip with tortilla chips, steamers & mac n cheese. The taco dip is made from the steamers, then with taco sauce, lettuce, and cheese, sopur cream, and sometimes salsa. The steamers are made by the little market in town, not by me. hehe But I am making the mac n cheese this year, so that I can actually have some. Usually buy a thing for the kids, but they gobble it up too quickly. I'll make some brownies, and some other little things maybe.

Oh I have to mention this.. last night when I was making supper for Dh, ds, and I (dd was at a birthday party.. when she is home, I do make supper for her as well ROFL), ds had me laughing. I had the oven on preheating, and started smelling something burnt. I had forgotten that some food dribbled out the previous day, and didn't wipe it off. Well ds yells into the kitchen "Um.. Mom? Not to be rude or anything, but whatever you are making does NOT smell very good!" I laughed and said " No Jake, it is some spilt food I forgot about and it is what is stinking up the place. Supper is not even in the oven yet." He was releived, I think. LOL Gotta love 'em. It was a new recipe I was trying, and he didn't care for it too much. But ate a bit before dumping it out. ;) Just to be nice I suppose. LOL

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