Monday, February 12, 2007

Getting ready for some snow!

Well we are "supposed" to be getting hit with a winter storm here this week. Calling for possibly up to 8" of snow, plus maybe sleet or freezing rain. Can do without the latter for certain! But the snow we are looking forward to.

School-wise, last week was a bust. We've all had colds and felt miserable... so we didn't do much of anything at all but sat wrapped in blankets and drinking lots of juice and hot tea. Towards the end of the week, I was feeling tons better.. so I started some decluttering. I cleaned out my spices. Tossed a bunch that were VERY old. Made a new list of what I need from the store. I cleaned out the BIG junk drawer in the hutch in the kitchen. Tossed stuff from there and put all the odds and ends into containers. Now I am moving on to magazines. I have the past 6+ years of Family Fun magazines stored in magazine holders. So I started going through these. Last night I went through about 20 while watching the Grammy Awards. So they are in a bag waiting for their new owner to come pick them up. LOL

We have our King Tut tickets!! Can't wait. We are going on the 21st, then staying overnight and check out some other attractions (Liberty Bell, etc) on the 22nd. Amanda is mad because I didn't do the mega-fancy hotel. LOL But hey they charge for their high speed wireless, so I wasn't going to pay even MORE!! hehe But were we are staying is nice and cute. And hey, we're only going to be there for 1 night.. so no worries. So anyways, we are all looking for to a mini vacation.

This week we need to focus on just Math and History. We are slightly behind in both. History is of course Ancient Egypt. So we are going to really buckle down and get caught up there.

So off I go, we have to go grocery shopping today and get some goods stocked up.. just in case this storm really hits us hard. :-)

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