Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Today's accomplishments

We took off yesterday from any school work. A girl I babysit was supposed to come over (but of course never did) and when she is here it is hard to get the kids to finish up any work. So today was the start of our week.

We started Lesson 15 in math, will finish tomorrow. (We usually do 2 lessons a week. We are working through MUS Epsilon.) Finally got started on our book study of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. We read a bit about Roald Dahl, and an intro of the book. Of course the kids have seen both movies, so know what it is about. The copied the vocabulary words and looked up the definitions. They worked on the 50 States book. And finished up a science journal on Environments. Oh and also worked in their Critical Thing books - Reading Detectives. Not sure how far we are going to get with these.. both kids HATE their book. So.. we'll see in another week. Might just drop these.

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