Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's cold!!

Right now it is about 25 degrees, it feels like 19 with the little bit of wind blowing. I am freezing. We are *supposed* to get a winter storm blowing through this evening. Possibly some snow dropping, some areas might be getting freezing rain. :( I really hope this isn't so. Snow I am all for, all that other stuff.. ice, feezing rain, sleet.. we don't want it here.

Our school week finished off roughly. Friday Amanda was just terrible to be around. She was yelling about everything and at everyone. I had to ask her again if she wanted to go to school. I don't want to out her in PS.. but if she isn't happy homeschooling and wants to try it, I'll go along. But she doesn't want to, she just doesn't want to do *anything*. So she of course lost the one thing she does want.. her computer. Friday evening then she came down and asked if she could please have her computer back. I said "Yes, but you have to work for it." So she had to help me make dinner. And while was cooking, she had to help me do the day's dishes. After supper she wanted to make a cake mix I had from Tastefully Simple. So we did. The family watched a movie and ate the "ugly cake" (That's what the mix is called hehe). All was ok. She had to then help me do up the dinner dishes. THEN she could have her computer back for the rest of the night.

I thought all was ok.. until we went up to bed. She said goodnight to her dad, but ignored me. So Saturday I just stayed away from her, as the crabbiness continued. She was still nipping at everyone. But she did tell me goodnight and gave me a kiss at least :D Today is better, she is only fighting with her brother. *sigh*

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