Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Back!

Ok, I am going to give this a try AGAIN! I really do want to be "a blogger", but well I just forget to post sometimes. But I will try harder (I know I say that every time).

So obviously, we are on break from "school" for the summer. Jake finished his math program up late this year (well he got started on it late as well). Amanda did not like the MUS set, so we switched from that to the Key To Algebra. She is *supposed* to be working on it throughout the summer, but hasn't done too much recently. I am trying to get them to do more reading.

As for how the school year went, well it was kinda pathetic. LOL With the move and all I just had a hard time getting into a routine. We've really taken a turn in our homeschooling style, moving towards more unschooling. So our relaxed, eclectic approach has gotten WAY more relaxed. ;) Regardless, I will continue with a math program for both of them. I just can't let that go completely unschoolish. They can work at their pace though.

For the 2010-11 school year though we do have some unfinished things to complete. So these will be a priority come September. The things we need to finish are:
  1. Trail Guide to US Geography needs finished by both
  2. Story of Science needs finished by both
  3. Health unit needs finished by both
  4. Word Roots by Amanda

Then here is a tentative "plan" for other work:
English/Language Arts - Shakespeare study; Literature Through Movies
Math - Finish Key to Algebra books; Consumer Math
Science - Life Science/Chemistry/Physics (her choice)
Social Studies/History/Geography - US Trail Guide to World Geography; You Decide (Bill of Rights).

English/Language Arts - Literature Through the Movies; Shakespeare study?
Math - Key to Geometry (books 2 & 3); Key to Measurements (Books 1-4); Key to Metric Measurements (books 1-4)?; Key to Algebra (books 1-10)?
Science - The story of Science: Newton at the Center; Life Science/Chemistry/Physics (his choice); Other Joy Hakim books
Social Studies/History/Geography - US Trail Guide to World Geography; You Decide (Bill of Rights); Civil war
Arts - Computer programming

But they will be able to work at their pace. Trying to make a schedule and stick to it is useless, I'm not that disciplined. LOL So we'll see how things go. :)

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