Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm a bad girl

I'm here to publicly admit that I've been bad and have not done something Halloweeny every single day. I'm sorry. I fully intended to.

Awhile back I had gotten some Harry Potter science kits from ebay. They've been moved around and stuck here & there, forgotten mostly. But I wanted to use them up before they were no longer usable. So I had planned on doing those since they were some creepy fun Chemistry things. Well, guess what? The materials were hardened and unusable. :( And I did put together a Halloween themed photo scavenger hunt for the teens in our homeschool group. So I've been doing a little, just not something every day.

And I'd like to share this photo -
 All that fur, and he still wants a blanket! ;)

Ok, so on the homeschool front... Again, I've been a bad girl. It's just been SO hard to get into any sort of routine this year. But here are the plans for this week:

Science - Health unit from This week we'll do the following units: Sleep; Bones, Muscles and Joints.

Begin study of Darwin & Evolution.

Language Arts - We have a bit of the Greek Myths literature unit from last year to finish. So we'll work on getting that completed this week.

Math - Dig out our brand new Math U See books and crack them open. I'm hoping to get 2-3 lessons finished this week.

Social Studies -  Trail Guide to US Geography; Begin unit study on The Rise of Nazi Germany (using out Learning Through History magazine).

Then on Saturday I have our first homeschool review of the school year. We have switched reviewers and will be visiting with another homeschool mom & friend for our review (and getting to talk to another friend that moved to CO via Skype). So this is kinda why I am posting our plans, we NEED to get a move on so i have somethign to show. LOL


the Provident Woman said...

Great Ebay find. That'll make it fun for the kids.

Marianna said...

Aloha! Glad to see you're posting again and nice blog 'renovation' lol Sorry it took me so long to comment here but things have been a bit hard lately with my dad in the hospital and all! Hope everything is great :)

take care

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