Monday, July 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Another thing I want to begin (again) is writing my menu plans on the blog. I am pretty good about making a menu Sunday morning before grocery shopping, and for the most part I stick to it. There are some days I just don't feel like making anything I wanted to on Sunday though. :) I also write things on a day of the week, but don't always make it that day. Depends on time, how hot it might be, etc. So while I'll assign a day here, doesn't mean that we are having it on that night. ;)

Monday - Tuna something or other. (We only like a few fish items, tuna being one. But I have been trying to have a fish dish every week, or at least every 2 weeks.) Haven't quite figured it out yet. Maybe tuna patty melts. And we'll most likely have broccoli and some side with whatever I decide on.

Tuesday -  Meatball subs, fries, and corn

Wednesday -  Ghoulash (from Bobby Dean) & a veggie of some sort

Thursday - Baked Chicken Penne (from Our Best Bites) & a veggie

Friday -  pizza and possible these pizza roll "planets"

Saturday - leftovers or whatever they can find in the fridge and/or cupboards. :)

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