Monday, June 11, 2007

This week...

Ok, I will admit, I AM a slacker. LOL We didn't do much in finishing up with history or science last week. What we did manage to do was run around town way too much! So.. we WILL finish up this week. ;)

We have a bit more to read from our Weather spotters guide book, then will finish off the kit with building the gauges and such. We have a few lessons to do in our Ancient Greece book, and a little reading yet as well. Then after that, all we have is the Fractions booklet to finish, and into decimals through the summer. I told the kids that once they complete the daily 4 pages of fractions, they'll only need to do 2 pages daily in decimals. Just something to keep their brains *thinking about math* instead of turning to mush. LOL

We are planning to visit some local places. I've been going through my favorites of travel ideas. Here is one I want to hit this month hopefully -
Brookside Gardens It has a really nice Butterfly exhibit. We also finally got our GPS unit, so I need to learn that this week so we can start Geocaching! (This is something we want to do a bit of before DH ends up having knee surgery again.)

So this is what our week looks like -
1. Finish the Weather Kid Kit

2. Finish the Ancient Greece unit
3. Learn how to use the GPS unit!!


Pam in Colorado said...

I sooo want a GPS! Others might even say I NEED it. Which ever gets me what I want is alllll good!

Sounds to me like you are doing great. I say you are taking time to enjoy your studies, not slacking!

Lynn said...

Learning about Geocaching has been on my must-do list for awhile. I hope you blog about it; I'm really curious.

Btw, would you like to do a meme? I feel bad tagging people, so I'm just out and about with... invitations. :)

Great blog! And, you're so much more organized than me!

The link, if interested:

Have a good week!


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