Monday, June 4, 2007

Monday, Monday

Ok, so by now we are usually finished with our school "year".. but we ended up a tad behind this time. We have a bit of science and history yet to complete. And both kids are doing some math throughout the summer, just so they don't forget what they've learned this year.

I was hoping that most of our science work would have been finished last week.. but that didn't happen. *sigh* So I am hoping we can get the science and most of our history finished this week. So basically all we'll be doing is math and reading books through the summer.

Public schools are finished Wed. this week. So I'll be watching the girl I babysit every summer again. The kids usually do not want to do any work when she is here.. so we'll have to argue about that for a day or 2. LOL

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Anonymous said...

Have the girl join in for the end. An adventure for her, less hassle from your kids could be the bonus.

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