Monday, November 17, 2008

This weeks schedule

Last week went well, we had our first review of the year. I discussed the diploma program a little bit that my reviewer is doing now. Debating whether or not to look into it further for Amanda. She's iffy on it. We went to see Madagascar 2 with my mom. That was a fun movie. Of course not as good as the first, but it was cute. We all laughed our butts off. There were only 5 other people in the theater, so we didn't have to be quiet like usual. :D

So today the kids did their grammar. That's it. LOL I was busy thought, so I let them have it *easy* (cuz they always have it so damn hard any other day right?!). I did a major reorganizing of the pantry. Should have done before and after pics. LOL I need to find a cart to put in there yet for things like the potatoes and onions to live on and also to have a spot for the pencil sharpener, scale, and other various items I keep there. Jake, the smartass that he is, walked back this afternoon and was like "Wow I can see the floor!". Then I decluttered the hutch somewhat. And moved on to the table to declutter. We have one of those L-shaped benches with table (the only thing that would fit in our small kitchen area) and I basically use the table for me. We rarely sit here to eat. The kids use it for school work now and then. But normally there is only enough space for me to sit and sometimes the cat. So anyways, I've cleared this off tremendously! I'm proud of me. :) But I'm tired. So I need a bath and off to bed. But first...

Our schedule for the rest of the week -

Tues Nov 18: 4 pgs DG; 4 pgs math (Starting Key To Percents book 3); Then we have Earth Scouts meeting and our firts book lcub meeting. We're reading "George's Secret Key to the Universe" by Lucy and Stephen Hawking.

Wed Nov 19: 4gs DG; 4 pgs math; Science Lesson 4; History; reading.

Thurs Nov 20: 4pgs DG; 4 pgs math; Science Lesson 4/5; History; reading.

Fri Nov 21: Co-op (I need to come up with something for science yet!)

Then Saturday the 22ND is Jake's birthday party. My *baby* is turning 13 in 9 days. *sniff sniff* I'll have 2 teens in the house next week.

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