Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Ok so we ordered a GPS unit from Dell (they had a 15% off sale). This is the unit we bought (I am STILL waiting on it to be shipped though), Magellan eXplorist 210 GPS And I have been reading the info at the Geocaching site. And this weekend I think we'll go to Borders and pick up a book or 2. The Dummies books should be just my speed. ;)

So now, I just hope dh's knee heals quickly so he can go exploring with us. I think it'll be fun. There is so much in our area that our kids have never seen.. our fault (dh and I) not the kids. My mom always had us off in the woods & mountains, hiking & camping. (She was a much better parent in this aspect.. but that's a whole other ball wax there. hehe)

So anyways, this is one of our plans for the summer. Funds will be limited.. so we were looking for free/low cost things to do. Romping through the woods is one of them! :)

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