Monday, May 21, 2007

Almost finished..

for the year. After 2 weeks of basically getting no work done, we managed to do some today. Both kids have about 1.5 books of Key to Fractions to complete. So they each did 4 pages of that. Then we finally started our Weather Kid Kit. So we are reading the book that comes in it, Weather Spotters Guide, first before building the tools in the kit. We'll have the book finished this week, if all goes as planned. Then we began our last unit study on the Ancients, so we are studying Ancient Greece now. And we also did one of our new maps from Knowledge Quest's Blackline Maps of World History.

Normally about this time we're about finished. So we'll be finishing up just a tad later than usual. Science and History we should be finished with by June 1st. Math we are doing all summer, mainly just the Key To Decimals books. And we'll be trying t get our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory study finished.

-- Updated to add: And I forgot, we also have the D' Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths and Study Guide from TCR we are going to be using. So that will keep us reading some over the summer. This will be our "lunchtime" activity when I make the kids come in out of the pool.

I am thinking though that we might actually continue with some science-y stuff. I have a few Kid Kits I'd like to do: Rocks & Fossils, Young Naturalists, & the Microscope.

And I was very surprised today.. Amanda, my daughter who HATES math, actually sat down and did 4 straight pages without whining, yelling, fighting. And she even finished her brother, and he only did 2 pages before stopping until later in the day. He was the one whining the whole time he sat there (like all of 25 minutes). I really think this has a lot to do with MUS. She learned a lot from us doing Epsilon this year. I am hoping that math will not be a struggle for her anymore. She only need me to explain something one time.. and that's mainly because she didn't read the directions carefully enough. LOL

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