Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week in Review

Yeah, I know a little late on the posting. But it was a good week. We did get a fair amount of work finished.

I let him slack a bit on math so he could get caught back up with some other subjects: writing, grammar & geography. So really there isn't much to report. Next week we'll get back into ALL subjects, including science. We're doing some biology work and we'll get into our chemistry work soon. I finally got my order placed and should have all the materials needed by Wednesday. I think this week we'll get our solutions made up that we'll be needing for the first few chapters. The weather is supposed to be decent, so we can head outside to mix our noxious chemicals up without worrying about ventilation. lol Should be fun. :)

I've been finding some fun things on Pinterest lately. I've been doing good about not getting too sucked into it, but I can spend WAY too much time looking around.

I had a Mom's Night Out (MNO) craft party last week. Several friends from our homeschool group came over and we made tile coasters. It was a fun evening. I didn't get pictures of everyone's tiles (bad me), sadly. They all looked wonderful though. Here are the set I made.

I want to make some more, plus have a few ideas for other things to do with the tiles. It was fun and easy.

So anyways, short update. Hope to have more to tell next week. :)

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