Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Goals (I don't like resolutions)

Alright, my goal for 2011 is to blog more. At least checking in once a week. That would be fabulous. And we have to get a routine going once again to get some school work finished. School goals are to finish up the geography unit and science unit by mid-Feb. (Love for it all to be finished by the end of Jan. but I doubt that will happen. The health unit should be finished by the end of Jan. though as they are both almost done with that. I have a large stack of Learning Through History magazines they also need to get through. But that will take the rest of the school year.

We started up a game day with some of the older boys in our homeschool group. It is just 4 boys right now (3 plus Jake) that hang out for 3 hours playing games. The first meeting it was all video games. 2nd meeting was all board games. They played Risk, Lego Creationary, then some Uno. Next week I think I'll have them play board games for a bit, then let them hit the video games for the last hour (as long as Jake's Xbox works that is, might have to find some games for the PS3).

That's about it for now. We've taken a huge unschooling turn, but it is time to get back into a little more "bookwork" once again. So come Jan 3rd, I'll be cracking the whip. (LOL Yeah I've said that many times before!)

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