Tuesday, May 12, 2009

6 Things You Don't Know About Me

My friend from Greece, Marianna, has tagged me. I'm a little slow lately, lol, but wanted to participate in this MeMe. :)

I've been tagged by her to write 6 unimportant things about me! Like every game, this one has a few rules:

1. Mention the person who tagged you on your blog
2. Use your creativity and write 6 things about you
3. Tag 6 more blog pals
4. Notify them by posting a comment or sending them an e-mail saying the words "you've been tagged!" (or however else you wanna express yourself really:)

Now, let's see...

1) I'm a paper piler. I have stacks of paper, magazines, books, etc. everywhere. It seems when I get rid of one pile of paper clutter, I've made 3 more.

2) I have a hard time reading non-fiction books. Most of them just bore me to death. I've tried reading books others have thought were great, but I usually stop after the first 50 or so pages. Or I do some serious skimming. It really depends on the subject matter. The history and science books the kids and I read/use for school I enjoy.

3) I'm a spend-aholic. I really have to force myself at times to NOT spend money. I prefer shopping online, 'cuz then I don't have to carry my purchases around. LOL

4) I'm very unorganized. LOL (See #1.) But I can usually manage to get it together in time for whatever activity, etc. might come up that I need to be organized for. And on occasion, I will have forgotten something I needed for said activity.

5) I used to love getting on roller coasters, but don't think I can anymore. I'm secretly (not such a secret now though) glad that Jake doesn't like them either so I have an excuse not to ride them. LOL I don't mind little ones, but the fast, upside down & sideways, backwards & forwards, etc ones... I think I'll pass. hehe

6) I am finding it REALLY hard to come up with a 6th thing to tell you about myself that you might not have known before. I'm just such an open book, LOL. Oh ok, there's one. I think I am a boring person! hehe I once mentioned this to a new group of people, on a message board type thing, and one lady emailed me privately and asked me if I was ok. She thought I was going through a serious bout of depression, because I thought I was boring. Well if I was depressed, that statement had me laughing my ass off and would have been enough to clear the fog away. She should have been an online shrink, if she could "diagnose" someone but a freaking comment such as that.

Ok so anyways, I will tag the following:







1 comment:

Marianna said...

When it comes to first thing I am with you! I huge piler myself!

Oh and the 6th thing was sooo funny. But Jodi I don't think you are boring at all lol

Have a great day

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