Saturday, April 21, 2007

What did I buy today?

I first was at Target AGAIN! Dh has been trying for the past month almost to get contacts that actually help him see clearly and feel right. Not sure if the contacts were ordered wrong or what.. but he's had I know at least 4 trial pair now. And he is STILL waiting on another, so we go back next week again. (I say we go back, because I love that store! LOL) I told the Dr. today that we need to be put on the payroll since we're there so much. hehe

So anyways, I picked up the kids each a new beach towel. We haven't bought any in years, like probably 8 or so. SO I figured they'd deserve some new ones for when we get the pool opened. I needed a new Pur filter for our sink. Mine is starting to leak every which way. So They have the silver/chrome colored ones marked down to $20. They had gardening gloves for a buck a pair, so I got me and the kids each a pair. I picked up some of the pink Breast Cancer awareness tennis balls for Amanda. They were on sale for $2 for 3. Then I got some snackies (Monster Bars, yum), some Aloe gel for sunburns :( and some bug repellent.

Then we headed over to the home school store. I picked up the Key To books for Decimals & Percents that I needed. I also got the Tales from Shakespeare study guide. I haven't looked it over yet. And I picked up a 2ND copy of the Your Body and How it Works workbook. I have one, and we plan to use it soon.. but I've decided against making copies. With the discount, it was just about $10 and that will save me in the long run from having to make copies and the time spent doing so. Then I picked up some games! I bought 2 more Professor Noggins: The Human Body and Geography of the United States. So I think we'll have to start making more time for games during the day. The kids really seem to retain the info from these card games.. so I really do need to get them out more often. And I picked up a game called Loot. It is a pirate card game and looked fun.

So that was my day. Now I need to sit down and figure out what exactly our "plan" is for next school year. So I know what we have and what I might need yet. LOL I may do that tomorrow. I am off to bed now. I'm whipped from mowing the yard today. hehe

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